Charitable Trust Registered No. E/223/Kolhapur/Maharashtra

Shri Mahalaxmi Annachatra Seva Trust is an authentic organization registered under The Bombay Public Charitable Trust Act, in the year 2008 on the pious day of Shakambhari Pournima.

Join us to carry forward the task

Everyday thousands of Pilgrims are visiting to the famous temple of Shri Mahalaxmi. Our trust has undertaken a well planned program to provide meals everyday for the outside pilgrims which has totally free between 12 to 3 pm.

Since last 10 years, we are serving free meals i.e. “Annadan” to the pilgrims of Shri Mahalami. Now a days, daily more than 5 to 6 thousand of pilgrims are taking Prasad i.e. “Annadan” We would like to say proudly that the progress of Trust Object has been grown up significantly within a short time period.

But the task is not easy, we are running our Annadan program i.e. to provide free meals to outside pilgrims which has become successful on the support and kind co-operation of donors. Innumerable Donors have been donating in the form of food, grains and cash etc.

For enhancement of holy work and better service to pilgrims, we would like to invite all the donors to participate in our work of Annadan Program to each and every pilgrims of Shri Mahalaxmi Devi.

By donating one time Rs. 11,000/- in “Annadan Sankalp Program” (Five year period) you have to fix a particular date as suitable to you in that year which the fix date will be continued for next five years. By donating Rs. 5000/- in “Annadan Sankalp Program” (One year period) you have to fix a particular date as suitable to you in that year. On the fixed date (Suitable to you) we will do Annadan on your name and trust will display the name of Donors on the Board in “Annachatra Hall” under the heading “Today’s Prasad”

If donor’s personal participation is not possible by any way, we will do the “Annadan Sankalp Program” on the donors behalf and we will send Prasad and Kumkum to his postal address.

Donors can send their Donation to “Shri Mahalaxmi Annachatra Seva Trust” by Money Order, cheque or Demand Draft. Donors can also deposit their donation Online to the following Bank accounts of “Shri Mahalaxmi Annachatra Seva Trust” Kolhapur.

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